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Grammy Award Nominee

Best Short Form Music Video, Cafe Tacvba "Eres". The  5th Annual Grammy Awards. 2005

Grammy Award Nominee

Best Short Form Music Videoo, Molotov "Amateur". The  6th Annual Grammy Awards. 2006

Grammy Award Nominee

Best Short Form Music Video, Molotov "Yofo". The  9th Annual Grammy Awards. 2008

Grammy Award Nominee

Best Short Form Music Video, Zoe "Reptileptric". The  9th Annual Grammy Awards. 2009

Grammy Award Nominee

Best Short Form Music Video, Juan Luis Guerra "Bachata en Fukuoka". The  9th Annual Grammy Awards. 2010

VMA Winner

Music Video of the Year, Cafe Tacvba "Eres". Video Music Awards Latin America, MTV

VMA Nominee 

Music Video of the Year Juanes "Camisa Negra". Video Music Awards Latin America, MTV

VMA Nominee 

Music Video of the Year, Molotov "Amateur". Video Music Awards Latin America, MTV

Pantalla de Cristal Winner

Best Music Video 2005, Molotov "Amateur".


Madrazo started experimenting with photography at the age of twelve when he was introduced to drastically over or under exposed images from a mechanical reflex camera that his father discredited as “broken.”  Inspired by those poorly exposed images and it's alluring imagery, Madrazo made it his lifelong quest to master the craft of photography. 

Soon after, responding to his growing need for telling stories, Madrazo started exploring cinematography, encountering in New York City a phenomenal setting to keep expanding esthetically, exploring looks and techniques that expanded his craft, shooting gritty 16mm urban short films while he continued his education at the School of Visual Arts under celebrated cameraman Gordon Willis, ASC. Later Madrazo alternated several Master Classes at Maine Photographic Workshops while at the same time completed his undergraduate film studies in Mexico City. In 2000 with serious appreciation for the art of cinematography and a mature vision towards storytelling, he enrolled in the Los Angeles Film School, where he graduated with honors under the mentorship of Academy Award-winning/nominated cinematographers William Fraker, Ralf Bode and Michael Barrett. 


In 2005, Madrazo developed a Think Tank in Mexico City that congregated artists, designers and visual FX teams, teaming up with up and coming directors. With Madrazo's dedication to excellence, the project organically developed into the award winning production company The Maestros, a team of versatile industry professionals leading today’s commercial market. It was during those years that he polished and defined a personal aesthetic and style that would earn him recognition as an outstanding Director of Photography.

In addition to his feature-film work, Gerardo Madrazo, AMC has lensed hundreds of commercials and a long list of music videos for Grammy and VMA winning Artists, earning him a total of Five Latin Grammy Award nominations for Best Music Video of the Year and and two MTV Video Music Award nominations, achieving one win for Music Video of the year. 

Director of Photography
Gerardo Madrazo, AMC

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